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Flight Instructions

We know you’re excited to get off the ground, but please familiarize yourself with the regulations for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), otherwise known as drones, in your country before flying. This awesome new hobby is only in its infancy and the regulations surrounding it are not yet set in stone. Please fly your PaperQuad responsibly to ensure that this hobby remains open for everyone! Luckily, you are allowed to fly your PaperQuad indoors however you like, so this is where we recommend flying. Just be sure it’s in a safe place where you can’t break anything, or more importantly, hurt something living.

If you live in the US, please read the FAA’s guidelines on UASs: HEREFAA Drone Regs

PaperQuad LLC is not responsible for any poor conduct performed by its users.

Pre-flight Check:

  • Install fresh batteries into the transmitter (remote control).
  • Charge the lithium-polymer* (Li-Po) battery for the PaperQuad.
  • Secure the battery onto the belly of the PaperQuad with tape.
  • Make sure the propellers can spin freely and won’t hit any part of your PaperQuad. Ensure that any wires are secured out of the way so they can’t be cut by a spinning prop.
  • Check to make sure that the motors are secured to the paper frame and won’t come loose.
  • Check your surroundings and make sure any delicate or breakable items are place out of harm’s way.
  • Wear eye protection at all times when flying!

*Note: Li-Po batteries can explode and catch fire if charged improperly. Do not leave the battery plugged in after it has fully charged (unplug it as soon as the red “charging” LED turns off).

Before Flying:

  • Turn on the transmitter.
  • Make sure the throttle (left stick) is pulled all the way to the bottom position.
  • Plug in the battery on the PaperQuad. The lights will start blinking.
  • Place the PaperQuad on a level surface and wait for the transmitter to beep and the lights on the PaperQuad to stop blinking.
  • You are now ready to take off!


Left Stick:
Up-Down movement controls throttle.
Left-Right movement controls yaw (horizontal spin).

Right stick:
Up-Down movement controls forward/reverse tilt.
Left-Right movement controls left/right tilt.

  • Place your PaperQuad in a safe, open area that is free from wind (i.e. an empty garage or room)
  • Make sure the blue LEDs are facing away from you. This means you are facing the same direction of the PaperQuad and controlling it will be much easier
  • Stand 10-15 feet back.
  • Slowly increase the throttle by moving the left stick up until your PaperQuad leaves the ground.
  • Woot! You’re flying!
  • We recommend flying 2-3 feet above the ground or higher. Flying lower can be difficult since the air being pushed down by the props can reflect back up off the ground, causing turbulence. This can result in unpredictable flight characteristics.
  • If it starts to drift, make small adjustments with the right stick to correct them. If it keeps drifting in the same direction after you release the stick, you may need to adjust the trim. Do so by repeatedly pressing the corresponding buttons located next to the control stick until it no longer drifts.
  • Practice! As you learn the controls, you’ll be able to perform some cool aerobatic maneuvers.

Experts only!:

  • Pressing straight down on the right stick (like R3 on a video game controller) will to switch to expert/acrobatic mode. This will make the controls more sensitive and allow you to fly faster. Engaging expert mode automatically engages flip mode. To flip, push your right stick all the way to its limit in one direction. Quickly pull the stick all the way in the opposite direction and your PaperQuad will perform a flip.
  • Pressing the left stick in will turn off flip mode.